Minors Testing Policy

Minors Testing Policy

Policy for the Testing of Minors at a Testing Center

It is policy of PSI to administer examinations to minor candidates age 13 and older, but only at select, PSI-owned and operated testing centers located in the United States of America. Additional exam administration fees may apply. Minor candidates should be accompanied to the testing center by a parent or guardian to ensure that required forms have been completed and to check in and check out the minor.

Where applicable, PSI recognizes the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and handles administered examinations in a confidential manner.

Procedures for the Testing of Minors at a PSI Testing Center

  1. Only PSI test center staff, PSI management, examination candidates, and visitors approved by PSI Headquarters are authorized to use the select, PSI-owned and operated test centers located in the United States at which minor candidates may sit for examinations.
  2. A parent or guardian must accompany a minor candidate to the examination center. Once the minor candidate has completed the check-in process, the accompanying family member must wait for the minor candidate at the examination center and/or as directed by PSI test center staff. The parent or guardian must not be disruptive, must remain quiet, and must not attempt to communicate with the minor candidate at any point during the examination.
  3. As part of the check-in process at the examination center, a parent or guardian who accompanies a minor candidate to the examination center must complete the following:
    • Release for minor candidates;
    • All other applicable agreements signed by minor candidate to take the exam;
    • An emergency contact form; and
    • Present a government-issued photo ID of themselves.
  4. Minor candidates shall provide the form of identification specified in the applicable Candidate Information Bulletin, Certification Handbook, or as otherwise required by the exam sponsor.
  5. Electronic devices of any type, including for example, cell phones, smart watches, activity trackers, and tablets, may not be brought into the examination room and must be checked in the secure storage area prior to entering the examination room.
  6. Parents or guardians may not bring anyone other than the minor candidate in the test center.
  7. PSI will only administer examinations to minors age 13 and older, and in accordance with any other age eligibility requirements of the exam sponsor.
  8. Parents/guardians must again show the government-issued photo ID presented at check-in during the sign-out process and it must match the information set forth in the emergency contact form.
  9. Two proctors should be present during the testing of any minor candidate.
  10. Minor candidates may receive disability-related accommodations, consistent with PSI’s disability accommodations procedures.
  11. PSI may charge additional exam administration fees for the testing of minor candidates.

Checklist for the Testing of Minors at a PSI-Owned and Operated Testing Center

  • Verify identity of minor candidate.
  • Confirm age of minor candidate.
  • Ensure that parent or guardian has completed release.
  • Ensure that parent or guardian has signed all other applicable agreements that minor candidate has signed to take the exam.
  • Ensure that parent or guardian has completed emergency form
  • Confirm that the parent or guardian’s governmental issued photo ID information on the emergency form matches the information presented on the governmental issues photo ID presented by the parent or guardian.
  • Parents, guardians, and minor candidates should be informed of restroom procedures.
  • Two proctors present for testing of minor candidates.
  • In the event an emergency occurs involving a minor candidate, the candidate’s parent or guardian should be informed, in addition to following the procedure outlined in the Test Center Operations Manual.
  • Upon check-out confirm that the government-issued photo ID presented by the Parents/guardians at check-out matches the information on the previously submitted emergency form. Only the parent/guardian who checked in the minor can check them out.