PSI Appoints New Senior Vice President of Assessment Services to Senior Management Team

September 16, 2021

PSI is pleased to announce that Isabelle Gonthier has joined the company as Senior Vice President of Assessment Services. Isabelle will serve as a member of PSI’s Credentialing management team and will report directly to John Weiner, PSI’s Chief Science Officer. Isabelle will lead PSI’s Certification Test Development and Psychometrics teams, as well as our growing English Language Assessment team.

Isabelle has been highly engaged in the testing and credentialing industry for nearly 20 years. Most recently, she has held the position of Chief Assessment Officer for Meazure Learning (Yardstick-ProctorU) where she oversaw and provided strategic direction for all aspects of the professional credentialing business, including psychometrics, exam development, and business development. She was the President and COO of Yardstick Assessment Strategies for three years before the company became Meazure Learning.

Over the course of her career, Isabelle has managed the development and administration of large-scale national licensure and certification examinations and assessment tools for various professions across industries.

Prior to her work with Meazure Learning, Isabelle has worked at Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC, now FP Canada) & CFP Board as Vice President of Certification and Director of Examinations, respectively. She has served as a psychometric commissioner and as Chair of the NCCA commission and is now involved with the conference executive committee and is the Vice-Chair of the Association of Testing Publishers (ATP) Innovation Conference. Isabelle is a high energy, sought after speaker at many industry conferences and meetings including ATP, ICE, CLEAR, CNAR, and others.

“I am delighted to welcome Isabelle Gonthier to PSI as SVP of Assessment Services, adding her wealth of experience to PSI’s Credentialing division. The science behind assessments has been the strongest foundation upon which PSI has grown and succeeded. As we continue to evolve through our investments in innovative technology, it is vital that our leadership team can also innovate their approach to content, and the efficacy and validity of the assessments we support. It is for this reason that we are so excited to have Isabelle join the team as a well-respected thought leader in the industry,” says Janet Garcia, President, Global Credentialing.

“PSI is renowned for its Psychometrics and Test Development services, with Isabelle leading this practice area under John Weiner, Chief Science Officer, we can only anticipate serving our certification customers and the wider assessment industry with new ideas and an even heightened rigor than ever before.”

“PSI has unmatched experience and expertise in bringing world-class psychometric and test development services to certification, licensing, and other high-stakes testing programs and that is what attracted me to the organization. I am excited to be leading a team of such knowledgeable and experienced psychometricians and test developers in this next stage of growth for PSI,” says Dr. Gonthier.

“I look forward to joining the PSI team in leading the Psychometric and Test Development division to help ensure PSI’s credentialing customers and their test takers have a superior and secure solution to fit their testing requirements.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Amin Saiar, PSI’s former Vice President, Psychometric Services, who has decided to pursue the next stage of his career within a credentialing body, the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. PSI acknowledges Amin’s passion for his role, and the immense contribution he has made through thought leadership both to the sector generally and PSI specifically during his tenure here. We wish him every success in his future career and look forward to seeing Amin excel in his new role.