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Become a PSI authorized Test Center

Dreams deserve… every opportunity to succeed in a secure and comfortable PSI Test Center.

PSI has 75+ years of experience in the testing industry, delivering over 17M tests annually on behalf of clients in the Certification, Licensure, Higher Education and Talent Management industries, including Federal and State Government sectors. PSI currently partners with Colleges & Universities, educational settings, state government offices, training facilities, and corporate businesses across the country, with a Global Test Center Network spanning five continents & 120+ countries. Regardless of the venue, all Authorized PSI Test Centers must meet PSI standard requirements and commit to delivering quality, standardized, reliable, and professional test administration for our clients.

become a psi test center

The role you play for test takers

Learn more about the important role you will play for test takers in this video. As a Test Center Administrator, you will be the face of PSI to test takers, and help ensure that they have the best testing day experience. Understand the day to day activities at a Test Center and the check-in, testing, and check-out processes for test takers when they arrive at the Test Center.


Serve your community by supporting employment opportunities, certifications for your students, and professional licensing of your local population.

Add another revenue stream for your center by utilizing your existing test center setup.

Pay no fees;

PSI will market your site to help drive volume; Control your schedule and add seats when it is convenient for you;

Receive payment for every candidate tested - with no minimums or quota requirements!

Why PSI?

We are expanding and actively seeking new partners in all market areas, including Rural and Remote locations.

Before completing this application, please confirm that you meet PSI's Requirements and Specifications

If you are interested in delivering FAA examinations, please email at:

Become a PSI Test Center

We're here to help

Whatever your testing needs, our friendly, experienced team is here to provide guidance and answer your questions.