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Test security throughout the test taker experience.

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a licensure testing partner that balances test security with accessible test delivery

The assurance of every license is only as strong as the consistency of licensure test delivery and the reliability of test content. Place your programs on the firmest of foundations with PSI test security, exam development, test taker support and everything in between. For the certainty of test integrity while reducing barriers to testing, protecting public safety and validating vital skills.

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Secure and trouble-free test delivery

We have your secure licensure testing needs covered. From our network of tightly regulated certification centers in convenient locations, to secure remote testing online with PSI Live Online Proctoring. All PSI test delivery options come with the certainty of rigorous test security and a seamless testing experience – for you and your test takers. Whether you test in-person, remotely, or both.

Accessible testing options

Quality-assured proctored exam testing centers

Secure test center & online proctoring

Flexible multi-modal testing

Scale up for demand

Unrestricted continuous testing

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Secure test taker experience


Reliable and fair computer based test development

You want to give your test takers every opportunity to succeed. So your test content needs to be valid, consistent and test what’s important. Our experts are an extension of your team. Here to help with all or any of your test creation software development needs – job analysis, item writing, item review, test writing, test review, item banking, item importing, subject matter expert recruitment and leadership.

Ensure legal defensibility

Prove minimal competence

Validate knowledge

Rigorous and trusted test security

PSI test security combines scientific precision, cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise. To protect the integrity of your computer-based exams without compromising on test taker experience.

Partner with us to find an option that suits your unique test security, budget and test taker experience needs.

Protect test content with FormcastTM, PSI’s proprietary Linear On The Fly Testing.

Increase test security with data forensics and web crawling.

Safeguard test taker privacy and data security with innovative technology.