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Grow Your Program

Grow your testing program

With effective strategies and innovative tools.

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Dreams deserve…

expertise, innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology to grow your programs

At PSI we are just as passionate about helping your test takers achieve their dreams as you are. And we’ve got decades of experience and lots of innovative ways to help you grow. Plus guidance and advice on how to tell your story and communicate the benefits of your programs. Not only to new markets and test takers, but also your existing stakeholders and test takers.

Grow your credentialing programs

Grow your testing programs into new and different…

Highlight the value of your testing programs

To attract new test takers and grow your program, start with the basics and explain the benefits. Every individual will have their own goals and aspirations. Let them know how your program will help them achieve their dreams.

Validated and verified evidence during recruitment.
Enhanced reputation and increased confidence in role.
Improved skills through professional development.
IT testing services

Respond to change and uncover new opportunities

Extend the reach of your programs to help even more test takers achieve their dreams.

Partner with PSI experts on portfolio reviews and career pathways to identify underserved markets and unmet needs within your industry. Conduct Journey Mapping of your existing processes to discover where test takers might benefit from new testing services.

Find out how the Linux Foundation worked with PSI to develop a new credential for IT professionals:

test taker programs

Broaden your appeal with stackable credentials

Increasing numbers of professionals are opting to pursue their dreams through a flexible stackable credential over more expensive or time-consuming qualifications. A micro or stackable credential is a qualification that can be earned by completing component parts. We have supported the successful introduction of stackable credentials into the IT and healthcare sectors.

Watch our webinar: Stackable Credentials, A Way to Address the Skills Gap?

Promote the benefits of cutting-edge technologies

Online learning and remote working have become the norm. People expect equally convenient access to your programs when they are working hard to achieve their dreams. Our state-of-the-art online testing technology enable a wide range of test delivery options, including remote testing that eliminates the need for travel and delivers an excellent test taker experience.

Online proctoring

Flexible location and convenient scheduling / rescheduling.

Option to take a test remotely or in PSI proctored exam testing centers.

Schedule / reschedule at short notice with Live Online Proctoring.

The ultimate in flexibility with Record & Review Online Testing Services.

Engage, inform and prepare your test takers

Many test takers are still used to a test center and in-person proctor. Remote testing with online proctoring solutions may be new and unfamiliar. To grow your program, highlight the benefits of the test technology you are using and why you use it. Explain clearly what online proctoring is and the steps test takers must take to be ready for test day.

Clear communication

Use PSI resources and templates for emails, FAQs and webpages that engage and prepare test takers.

Practice testing

Offer test takers the opportunity to get familiar with new technology and reduce test day anxiety.

Human proctors

Reassure test takers that with PSI online proctoring solutions no decision will ever be made by Artificial Intelligence (AI) alone.

Success stories

linux customer success
psi testimonials

"We wanted a partner who can deliver exams anywhere, anytime without someone having to go to a physical testing center. The gap in the market was ‘access’ and PSI was committed to delivering exams in real time, online."

Clyde Seepersad

General Manager of Training & Certification, The Linux Foundation

abrsm psi partnership
psi testimonials

"This is an ongoing partnership with PSI which will evolve and improve as we each learn more about our respective markets and skill sets. We are looking to move more of our exams to an anytime, anywhere model. This allows us to continue to put the learner, irrespective of their age, at the center of our plans."

Helen Coleman

Chief Operating Officer, ABRSM

isaca success story