How to Prepare Test Takers for Online Proctoring


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Customer Experience is Key

Effective communication with test takers is vital for a positive experience with online proctoring. This guide is designed to support your organization in delivering an outstanding test taker experience.

The last few years have seen widescale adoption of live online proctoring for certification tests. With this increased choice comes the need for organizations to differentiate themselves – by delivering an outstanding experience before, during and after test day. To achieve this, organizations need to offer secure and accessible technology, clear communication and the smooth resolution of any issues at every stage of the process.

In this book, you will find:

  • Tips and resources to prepare your test takers for success before and on test day including how to communicate with test takers, potential issues to prepare for, and technical requirements for online proctoring.
  • A checklist to find out how prepared your organization is for online proctoring.
  • PSI research on the growing certification market and rapid adoption of online proctoring.