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Test development, delivery and security you can trust.

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Dreams deserve...

A partner as passionate about helping test takers achieve their dreams as you are

As a test sponsor it’s a challenge to balance test security and integrity with an excellent test taker experience. Because when someone seeks a credential they aren’t just taking a test. They are pursuing a dream. One they believe is worth working for.

We believe that too. Which is why we work tirelessly to ensure proven science, the latest technology and operational expertise are on the side of their dreams.

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Innovative test delivery for your unique needs

We support millions of test takers every year with our multi-modal testing options, through our global test center network and via online proctoring. PSI test delivery is built on the firm foundations of scientific rigor, cutting-edge technology and over 75 years of operational experience. For the seamless online testing service experience your test takers deserve.

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Rigorous test development and design you can trust

Give your test takers the confidence their computer based test (CBT) is reliable, accurate and fair. And your organization the assurance your online tests are legally defensible. We design and develop tests with scientific precision, drawing on millions of hours of collective expertise.
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Test security for integrity, fairness and equality

Deliver reliable outcomes and protect the integrity of your organization and credentials. PSI has options to suit your test security needs whether your tests are delivered at a PSI certification center, remotely or via a choice of both.

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What our clients say

psi client testimonial

"The main thing for us is honesty and transparency. Other vendors had all these hidden fees and we didn’t know what was needed. We would rather have the flexibility to work it out together."

psi client testimonial

"Their willingness to change and adapt to what we do is impressive."

psi client testimonial

"Other vendors felt arrogant. Like they knew more than us."

psi client testimonial

"Everything changed so suddenly. We needed someone to work it out with as we went along."

psi client testimonial

"They've got flexibility in their solution. Their willingness to work with us meant a lot."

psi client testimonial

"We're all about accountability and customer service. And that's one of the key values they have and they uphold."

psi client testimonial

"They always have the test taker in mind."

psi client testimonial

"PSI just seemed to care more about our business."

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Effective strategies and innovative tools to grow

A lot of our clients approach us for support to expand into new markets and increase test taker volumes. We’ve got decades of experience and lots of innovative ways to help you grow your online testing programs and your organization.

Help your test takers realize their full potential

Test taker experience is everything. By taking steps to provide your test takers with the best possible information before test day you will prevent issues and reduce test taker anxiety. Our proactive and reactive client support, 24/7 test taker assistance and useful resources are all on hand to ensure a smooth testing experience – for everyone.

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We're here to help

Whatever your testing needs, our friendly, experienced team is here to provide guidance and answer your questions.