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Construction is thriving and through construction testing, state licensing boards have an important role to play in upskilling and reskilling the workforce. The industry must meet demand while maintaining the high quality and safety standards required. We develop specialist and diverse computer based test content and deliver flexible and secure testing options for over 35 State licensing boards – with end-to-end testing services for construction, contractor and trades.

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Test security is vital to protect the safety of the public and your test takers. And when it comes to exam day, your test takers expect convenience and flexibility. Our network of +400 computerized testing centers in accessible locations across every US State and territory is tightly regulated and quality assured. With secure online proctoring your test takers can test remotely at home or at work. Or give them the power of choice with multi-modal testing.

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Specialist test content

Our in-house test developers work with Subject Matter Experts from across construction and related trades to create test content that is accurate, reliable and fair. We develop high quality tests that ask the right questions and allow the right test takers to succeed. Our proprietary Linear On The Fly Testing, Formcast, ensures every test is statistically equivalent while protecting test content.

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