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Test taker experience

Give your test takers the experience they deserve.

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An easy, seamless and accessible test taker experience – wherever they are in the world

In a competitive environment, test taker experience is vital. Your test takers have worked hard to study for their computer based test. By providing them with the best possible information in the lead up to test day you’ll prevent issues, reduce test taker anxiety and ensure exam day goes smoothly for everyone. Enabling your test takers – and your programs – to realize their full potential and grow.

test taker experience

Be prepared for online proctoring

We have learned a lot from the recent rapid adoption of online proctoring solutions. And we’ve analyzed huge amounts of data to understand what impacts the test taker experience. Including the most common issues CBT test takers report. Join us to ensure your test takers and your organization are fully prepared for online proctoring.

Test taker online proctoring experience

Find out more about the testing journey our test takers go through with the online proctoring testing solution.


Countdown to test day

Communicate with test takers ahead of their exam to ensure everything goes smoothly. A countdown in the lead up to test day provides your test takers with the information they need when they need it. Links to system compatibility checks, test taker experience videos and clear testing rules all prevent issues. Ensuring a great test taker experience for them. And fewer headaches for you.

test taker experience

What to expect on test day

Help test takers understand what will happen on test day to streamline the online proctoring experience and reduce stress. Online proctoring technology will be new and unfamiliar for many test takers. By taking them through the check-in, test launch and online proctoring processes in advance they’ll be fully prepared come test day.

online proctoring checklist

A checklist for online proctoring

Communicate frequently with test takers in the lead up to test day. Website resources, emails, test taker handbook and clear rules about scheduling and rescheduling will all reduce no shows, support calls and the administrative burden on your team. How prepared are you for online testing services?

About the PSI Bridge™ online proctoring platform

PSI Bridge™ provides superior online proctoring – from customizable test security and identity authentication to multi-modal test delivery and custom reports and analytics. PSI Bridge™ works seamlessly with any test delivery system and supports:
Enterprise integration, with no remote access required
Automated test security
Record & Review
Live Online Proctoring for different levels of security
Multi-modal testing options
Identity checks and authentication
Custom reporting and analytics

Success stories

board certification for emergency nursing
psi testimonials

“We knew PSI would continue to be a great partner to help support the development of this new certification. I don’t think we would have even thought about going anywhere else, because we already have such a great relationship with PSI for test development.”

Amy Grand

Director of Certification and Accreditation, BCEN

cdre psi client success
psi testimonials

"I would underscore that PSI was consistently committed to meeting our deadlines through the many challenges of a pandemic. It’s impressive how dedicated they were to see the project through and get the job done during a period of unforeseen roadblocks."

Jeff Oboyski

Assistant Commissioner, Licensing, California Department of Real Estate

washington state oic client success story
psi testimonials

"This [hybrid insurance exam] is revolutionary for the insurance industry, both from a regulatory standpoint and for PSI’s online proctoring itself."

Jeff Baughman

Producer Licensing & Oversight Program Manager, WA State OIC