Multi-Modal Testing

Multi-modal testing

Equivalent and secure testing, regardless of modality.

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flexible multi-modal testing options for anywhere, anytime testing

Multi-modal testing offers the best of both worlds for you and your test takers. Giving you the assurance of test security and consistency across PSI Test Centers and market leading online proctoring. And your test takers the flexibility and convenience to test where and when they choose. This flexible approach to testing extends your reach, expands your markets and opens new opportunities for your organization. Without compromising on test security or test taker experience.

Flexible test delivery options

With multi-modal testing, your test takers choose the delivery option (modality) that best suits them. Whether they prefer the infrastructure, technology and comfort offered by our network of secure computerized testing centers. Or the convenience of secure remote testing with online proctoring solutions that enable testing at home or in the office. Multi-modal testing gives your test takers the power of choice.

Extensive network of secure PSI Test Centers.

Secure remote testing with online proctoring.

Freedom to choose the right delivery option for you.

Secure test taker experience


Fair, valid and reliable testing

Multi-modal testing is not a new trend. PSI has delivered this form of testing since 2016 with many leading organizations. And many more organizations migrated to multi-modal testing with our support in response to COVID-19. This gives us an unprecedented ability to examine trends across multiple programs. The wealth of data we have strongly supports the adoption of multi-modal testing.
The overwhelming majority of test takers want multi-modal testing options.
Satisfaction ratings remain high, regardless of the modality selected.
Mean scores and pass rates have been observed to be comparable across modalities.
Malpractice detection rates tend to be comparable across testing modalities.

Multi-modal testing benefits for organizations

Multi-modal testing doesn’t only offer flexibility for test takers. It’s also a flexible solution to meet the specific needs of your testing programs. Easily scale-up or scale-down at peak times and in response to demand. Select the right level of security with either Live Online or Record & Review proctoring. Organizations across different sectors have already made the move to multi-modal. Safe in the knowledge their tests remain equitable, standardized and consistent – regardless of modality.

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Online proctoring experience

As part of our multi-modal testing solution, test takers can go through a testing journey that involves online proctoring or traditional test center testing. In this video you can learn more about the online proctoring testing journey our test takers go through, from the preparation recommendations before test day such as the necessary documentation to have at hand and the system compatibility checks, to the check in process and the testing process itself.

PSI provides support at every step of the journey to ensure the best testing experience for test takers.


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