Webinar: Adapting A Multi-Modal Approach To Deliver State Licensure Exams


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About the webinar

PSI recently worked with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to launch the first insurance regulatory exam to be accessed remotely by candidates and proctored online. The combination of traditional exam administration at test centers and a secured online proctoring platform that is accessible to remote candidates marks a revolutionary change for the entire insurance industry.

In this webinar, Jeff Baughman of Washington State OIC joins us to share how and why they added an online element to their licensure program. We’ll discuss the benefits of using a multi-modal approach and share early research findings to help you develop a new test delivery strategy for the ‘new normal.’

Watch to learn about:

  • Why a multi-modal approach is important in the licensing space
  • How online testing can improve test security
  • Benefits of a multi-modal approach for programs and candidates
  • WA OIC’s decision making process to adapt a multi-modal approach for exam delivery
  • Early research findings showing score comparability, soundness in measurement and misconduct rates

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