Online Proctoring

Online proctoring

The test proctor security you need with the testing experience they deserve.

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online proctoring that’s secure, accessible and fair for everyone​

We live in an age of convenience. With the PSI Bridge online proctoring platform, any online exam can be completed securely at home or in the office, at a time that works for your test takers. Giving them a seamless and accessible exam session experience – just like they’d expect. And giving you the online proctored exam service security, integrity and scalability you need to expand your reach and grow your programs.

Live online proctoring software solutions

With PSI Live Online Proctoring, the highest possible test security goes hand in hand with the very best test taker experience. You can be sure our teams of highly trained administrators and human proctors are on hand to support your test takers. And test takers have the convenience of easy scheduling, at a time that fits around their lives.

online proctoring

Test taker online proctoring experience

Find out more about the testing journey our test takers go through in our online testing service.

computer based tests (CBT) online proctoring

Record & review online proctoring services – the ultimate in flexibility

With record & review online proctoring, remote computer based tests (CBT) are recorded and then assessed by PSI approved proctors after the test is complete. Giving you a highly flexible, reliable and cost-effective option for online proctored exams testing. Where your test takers get the flexibility to decide when to test with anytime, anywhere testing.

"Over 75% of test takers who have the choice now opt to take their test remotely with online proctoring."

PSI Bridge™ – the secure choice

Our online proctoring platform, PSI Bridge™, offers a secure alternative to traditional on-site testing. From ID authentication and customizable test security to custom reports and analytics, PSI Bridge™ supports every phase of the test lifecycle and works seamlessly with any test delivery system. Our secure browser ensures testing online integrity while protecting the privacy of your test takers.

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