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New Jersey Real Estate Commission

First real estate licensure program to deliver remotely proctored tests


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The New Jersey Real Estate Commission (REC) issues licenses to real estate brokers and salespersons, and instructors, as well as establishing standards of practice for the real estate brokerage profession. Since 2009, PSI has administered approximately 20,000 REC tests annually at proctored test centers around the state.

In response to the COVID-10 pandemic lockdowns, PSI offered to work with NJ REC to move all licensure tests securely online for test takers to continue developing their real estate careers in New Jersey regardless of their location.


Transition licensure testing online during pandemic

The REC had not considered alternative forms of testing until PSI offered the solution, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that it became an urgent necessity in order to maintain business. It was essential that REC avoided disrupting the licensure process for current and future test takers. After lockdowns closed classrooms and test centers, all real estate class instruction moved online. The REC knew they needed to also move the test online to meet the expectations of test takers and keep the industry moving forward.

Maintain high security and test taker experience standards

It was imperative that the New Jersey Real Estate Commission used an alternative test delivery method that was just as secure as test centers. Securing intellectual property and test taker identities virtually is critical to protect the integrity of their licensing program. The alternative method also needed to be easy for all test takers to use, regardless of what kind of computer they were using to take the test.

psi client testimonial

The level of communication that we have means that, together, we can get anything done. Picking up the phone and calling at any time and I know I’ll get a response. That’s a huge comfort level. I know we can tackle it.

Aurelio Romero

Executive Director, New Jersey Real Estate Commission

psi client testimonial

PSI is responsive, innovative and thorough.

Gwendolyn Cobb

Manager of Real Estate Education, New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance


Secure online proctoring

PSI recommended using its live remove proctoring solution PSI Bridge to continue licensing their real estate test takers. The proctoring platform allows test takers to securely access their tests at a time and location of their choosing. It’s designed to protect not only the integrity of the test process, making certain that the opportunities for misconduct during the test are mitigated, but also to ensure that test taker data is the least exposed to potential fraud.

Client collaboration and trust

The strong partnership that had already been established helped the REC trust PSI to implement a new online proctoring solution. The REC team felt confident that PSI had the knowledge and expertise to do the job. They worked together to establish a high level of communication with weekly meetings. PSI’s responsiveness to questions and feedback gave the REC team comfort knowing they would solve any problem that arose together, and that PSI’s intent was their intent.

psi client testimonial

PSI convinced us to come into the 21st century. PSI offered the extra options we needed in case we had any law changes when it came to tracking continuing education, which was not something another vendor could offer.

Gwendolyn Cobb

Manager of Real Estate Education, New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance

psi client testimonial

I originally had a few concerns about how a remote test would be administered, even though, of course, I had faith and trust in PSI. I know they are the experts and had already launched a program in a different state with remote testing, just not real estate. Once we went through the demo process, I felt a lot more comfortable.

Gwendolyn Cobb

Manager of Real Estate Education, New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance


Test taker satisfaction

Online proctoring allows test takers to take their real estate test from anywhere. Now, test takers looking to practice real estate in New Jersey can take the test if they are living in a different state. Test takers can launch the test using their computer and the PSI test taker support team is available in case there are any issues. The transition has gone smoothly and has continually progressed to streamline the process. Test taker feedback has been positive.

Modernized process

Moving to online proctoring was a major milestone for the REC licensure process. Over the years, PSI has helped the REC streamline the test process in other areas. For example, PSI introduced an electronic process for their pre-license providers to upload information into the system instead of the somewhat old-fashioned and less efficient way it was being done. PSI also added test taker photos to score reports. Digitizing aspects of the process has eliminated a lot of paperwork and made it easier for the REC.

Future Plans

The REC and PSI plan to continue finding ways to further streamline their program by eliminating paperwork in other areas like waivers and CE reports. There are also plans to develop Spanish tests. The REC continues to offer remote proctoring of tests to test takers, along with in-person proctoring as an option at test centers.

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