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rigorous test security driven by proven science, cutting-edge technology and decades of experience

Online test security is vital to deliver reliable outcomes and protect the integrity of your organization and qualifications. PSI delivers millions of tests every year worldwide. We offer secure testing online that gives organizations and test takers the confidence their tests are conducted fairly.

Rigorous test security


Secure online testing – in-person and remote

Whether your online tests are delivered at a computerized testing centre, remotely online, or via a choice of both, PSI has options to suit your test security, budget and test taker experience needs.
Elevated security for high stakes testing where outcomes impact a test taker’s future or public safety. Or adjusted security for lower stakes testing. Plus everything in between.

ID verification

Multi-step identity checks with multiple layers of ID verification

Malpractice is reduced if a high stakes test is proctored

Secure collection, storage, and transfer of data.

Change content regularly, vary items or generate random forms.

Statistical detection methods and web crawling to detect malpractice.

PSI's commitment to compliance provides you with the right assurance and protection.

secure remote testing

Secure remote testing

You are no longer restricted to a limited testing window in a physical location. With secure remote testing, test security goes hand in hand with an excellent test taker experience. Organizations benefit from the certainty and security PSI offers. Test takers benefit from accessibility, convenient scheduling and flexible locations.

Online Proctoring

Remote proctor uses test taker’s webcam and microphone to observe for potential malpractice

PSI Online Proctoring

Record & Review or Live Online Proctoring with the PSI Bridge online proctoring platform offers flexible security options

PSI Secure Browser

Prevent unauthorized test taker access to programs such as copy, paste, or other websites

No remote access

PSI Secure Browser is non-invasive and protects test taker’s privacy

No unauthorized communication

Test taker and proctor communicate via chat function to avoid possible malpractice

Innovative technology

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Application Programming Interface (API) increase security with single sign-on