Data Forensics for Online Testing


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Security measures have always been needed to protect the integrity of assessments

... especially when they are used for high stakes purposes, such as educational qualifications, credentialing, and public safety employee selection. In these applications, test security is needed to guard against misconduct – whether testing takes place in-person or online.

Similar to changes in education and the workplace, testing has changed, with an increasing number of tests conducted online and taken remotely in a test taker’s office or own home. In response to this trend, test security has become even more important. And many of the test security risks which may be amplified by online testing are now addressed by technological advances and innovative security measures.

In this book, you will find:

  • Answers to common questions about data forensics such as what a data forensics program looks like and how it’s used in online testing.
  • Information about different statistical indices and data trends and what they tell us.
  • A case study that displays how a testing organization’s challenge with cheating was solved with PSI data forensics.