Effectively Promoting the Benefits of Online Proctoring | PSI Exams


Effectively Promoting the Benefits of Online Proctoring | PSI Exams

Heather Richards


Many of us have had to become familiar with working from home and remote learning technologies out of necessity. While it’s now fairly common for businesses to use online proctored exams as part of their certification programs, test takers might not understand the benefits of these types of exams and they will inevitably have questions about how it works.

A great number of people are still more used to taking tests in physical testing centers with an in-person human proctor to help with any questions.

Even if online proctoring is new, you can promote its value to attract new test takers and alleviate the anxieties of existing test takers. Doing so will help to ensure an excellent proctored exam test taker experience.

What is online proctoring – and what are its benefits?

Explaining the fundamentals of online proctoring is vital to demystifying the process and making any future communication easier and more effective.

Put simply, online proctoring is an alternative to secure on-site testing methods that aims to replicate in-person proctoring as closely as possible but from the convenience of a test-taker’s home or office. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal out of the fact that online proctored tests are just as fair as on-site testing and the integrity of your tests and qualifications remains intact.

On-site testing & online exams are both fair

A key concern for test takers when taking exams online is that they may not be as fair, but this isn’t the case. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal out of the fact that online proctored tests are just as fair as on-site testing – both forms of testing will protect exam integrity and the integrity of your qualifications.

Ease of access

Equally, reassure test takers that the process is straightforward. All they will need to do to access their test is download the secure browser and verify their identity and environment. After their test has started, a remote proctor will observe the test using the webcam and microphone on their device and only contact them if there is a problem.

Greater flexibility in scheduling

What’s more, online proctoring allows for greater scheduling flexibility, as the individual test taker can pick from a range of available times and dates and not be limited to the business hours of a test center. It is a flexible and convenient option for anyone wanting to fit testing around a busy lifestyle.

The importance of online proctoring knowledge hubs

Gathering all the necessary day-of testing information on one website landing page is an effective way of ensuring it is all easily accessible. This helps to reassure test takers ahead of their test date and teach them more about the processes of online proctoring.

While explicitly promoting the benefits of online proctoring – like the flexibility of real time updates –knowledge hubs make it easy for test takers to quickly access relevant information and find out how to arrange their tests. Comprehensive guides are a great way to go into detail about technical specifications, and for any further questions not answered in FAQs, contact details should be listed clearly.

Furthermore, a helpful resource to create is a “What to expect” video that walks test takers through the requirements for live remote proctoring including technical requirements and room checks. Use screenshots of the test taker portal that clearly depict the procedure on test day. The test taker will be relieved of at least some of their test day anxiety by acquainting themselves with the portal in advance.

Transparent and easily accessible information on your webpage is essential. Don’t hesitate to include everything from device compatibility requirements to the details of what live remote proctoring entails. Clearly labeling the relevant information means that everyone, whether a potential or imminent test taker, has the information they need, when they need it.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key to promoting the value and benefits of online proctoring. This includes system checks to determine if a device is compatible with online proctoring software and a candidate experience guide. All information should be easy to find and understandable to help test takers navigate the unknown.

Secure online proctoring platform that promises a seamless test taker experience 

For some, online proctoring may seem like a huge transition from traditional in-person testing methods. However, you can help to make the test taker’s journey easier and address their concerns while promoting the benefits to potential new test takers.

PSI Bridge is the online proctoring solution your organization and test takers deserve. Our secure, accessible and fair solutions enable test takers to schedule their exams when it’s convenient for them, maximizing the test taker experience while offering scalability to grow your certification programs.

Find out more about online proctoring with PSI.