How to develop licensure exam content


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The primary purpose of any licensure exam program is to protect the public from physical, mental or economic harm that might be caused by practitioners.

In professions where people are at risk, we must maintain the standards by restricting practice to qualified individuals. Valid, reliable and fair exam content is central to upholding these standards. This can only be achieved through a rigorous exam development process. One that involves numerous steps, plus the engagement of multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) and psychometric and exam development specialists.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The key steps and experts who need to be included in the development of licensure exam content.
  • Top tips, advice and best practice examples to help you measure what is important and how to protect everyone involved when developing exam content.
  • Ways to maintain the integrity and security of your exam content using features such as Linear On The Fly Testing (LOFT).