Reducing test day anxiety with the Test Taker Tutorial


Reducing test day anxiety with the Test Taker Tutorial

Barry Baldwin


Test day can be a make-or-break moment for your test takers, personally and professionally. A positive test outcome could be the start of a new career or open the door to a promotion, dramatically influencing their quality of life. We understand the heightened emotions test takers bring with them on test day, which is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to remove friction and alleviate anxiety for your test takers.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching the new Test Taker Tutorial, an innovative tool to reduce test day anxiety, designed with your test takers in mind. This tutorial will be a simulation of the check-in process, security checks, and testing environment for test takers to become familiar with the testing process before test day. Additional resources for test takers are available in our Online Proctoring Guide webpage.

We care deeply about your test takers’ testing journey and believe that familiarity with the testing process breeds confidence. By offering a simulated experience, we aim to diminish anxiety and stress associated with the unknown. Familiarity with the Check-In Process, security protocols, and the overall testing environment instills a sense of control and assurance. This isn’t just about navigating testing technology; it’s about empowering individuals to approach their exam with confidence, clarity, and the belief that success is not only achievable but well within their reach.

The Test Taker Tutorial will provide benefits for your test takers before their test day, such as:

  • A stress-free check-in and navigating the process with ease
  • Increased confidence and understanding on the security measures
  • Test anxiety reduction by gaining familiarity with the testing environment

The Test Taker Tutorial will ensure a secure and controlled practice environment through our platform. It will also provide test takers with reinforcement opportunities as they will be able to utilize the tutorial link up to three times, allowing for ample practice and reinforcing their comprehension.

The tutorial will walk test takers through the steps they will take on test day, including:

Mastering the Check-In

  • Picture Perfect: Test takers will be able to capture their identification photo and a selfie to practice for their check-in process.
  • Identification Validation: They will be acquainted with the basic identification requirements and feel confident presenting them on test day. No Check-In Specialist will be present during the tutorial, but the steps they practice will allow them to go through the process seamlessly.

Familiarization with Security Checks

  • Room and Desk Surface Scan: Test takers will be able to read the instructions on these security checks before test day. No simulation on these checks will be done during the tutorial.

Tailored for your Organization

To prevent any confusion between the tutorial and the actual test, the tutorial link will automatically deactivate 150 minutes before the scheduled test time of the test take. With this tutorial will come flexible configurations and personalization options that you can manage for your test takers, as we understand that confidence thrives in a supportive and accommodating environment. The Test Taker Tutorial is designed with your organization’s individual needs in mind. You can:

  • Choose to enable or disable the tutorial link based on your organization’s preferences and test taker demographics.
  • Integrate the tutorial link into your test taker booking confirmation emails for easy access and pre-test preparation.

We are working to improve data visibility and reporting that will ensure a comprehensive understanding of user interactions with the tutorial for your reference.


PSI’s unwavering focus is on delivering frictionless and fair test taker experiences, without compromising your program’s test integrity. The Test Taker Tutorial will provide test takers the opportunity to take a virtual walkthrough of the Check-In Process, security checks and the testing environment, preparing them for a seamless test day experience.

We’re excited about this innovative step forward and are eager to see the positive impact it brings to your test takers. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Test Taker Tutorial, please contact your Account Manager.

As part of our commitment to you, we are constantly working in new features that will help your test takers have the best test day experience, like our newly launched mobile device photo ID capture feature in PSI Bridge, stay tuned to our blog to read more about it very soon. We’re confident it will make a world of difference for your test takers and the success of your programs.