On-demand webinar: Security in high-stakes online testing - the big picture


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About the webinar

We’ve partnered with the Federation of Awarding Bodies to deliver this webinar.

Test security means different things to different people. To some, it’s simply a matter of identifying and preventing cheating, to others it’s more about protecting the intellectual property of the test, to others still, it’s about the integrity of the test results.

In fact, to be truly effective, test security needs to encompass the security and integrity of the entire end to end testing process, from the very earliest stages of test design to the post-event analysis of candidate results. It must address issues of test and system design, technology, processes, staffing and analytics.

Join us for this webinar to explore how such a holistic approach can be formulated and discuss examples of current best practice in the world of high-stakes testing.

You’ll learn more about

  • Protecting content integrity when migrating from fixed exam windows and static forms to on-demand testing — using Automated Test Assembly
  • Remote online proctoring methods – considerations and best practices
  • The role of AI in verifying identity and highlighting suspicious patterns of behaviour
  • The use of data forensics to carry out scientific tests that can detect the occurrence of various forms of test fraud

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