You’re all checked in… Destination: Testing success


You're all checked in... Destination: Testing success

Erin Badder


In today’s world of convenience, where time is of the essence, the testing landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to technological innovations, test takers now have the flexibility to sit for their exams from the comfort of their own space, at any time that suits their schedule. This shift has been made possible through Live Online Proctoring, a process that empowers test takers to take their tests remotely while ensuring a secure and stable environment

At PSI, we understand the importance of an efficient, hassle-free experience for test takers. Our commitment to providing excellence in testing services has led us to develop a seamless check-in process that ensures their testing journey is smooth, secure, and supportive. Let’s jump into the key aspects that make PSI’s check-in process a comfortable and secure experience:

1:1 Ratio for Test Takers to Check-In Specialists

At the heart of our check-in process is the one-on-one interaction between our professional check-in specialists team and the test taker; this human touch sets us apart in the world of remote proctoring.

Once the test taker has booked their live online proctoring session at the date and time that suits them best, our check-in specialists are available around the clock – 24/7/365 – ensuring that test takers are never alone during their testing journey. Whether an early bird or a night owl, our support is always just a message away.

But what truly makes our check-in process stand out is our commitment to a 1:1 test taker to check-in specialist ratio. This means that each test taker receives undivided attention from our dedicated specialists, making the check-in process incredibly personalized and stress-free.

A stress-free environment for your test

Imagine having the freedom to choose any testing location, whether it’s a cozy study nook or a quiet corner of the world. Once they have booked a suitable date and time, with a desktop or laptop and a strong internet connection, they are all set to embark on their testing experience.

A step-by-step check-in process

Our check-in process is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Here’s a snapshot of what test takers can expect on test day when checking-in to the test:

  1. Authentication: A picture capture of a government-issued ID and a selfie for identity verification will be requested. A new feature, soon to be released, on our booking platform will even allow test takers to upload their ID photo in advance, streamlining the process further.
  2. Expert Verification: Our Check-In Specialist will meticulously compare the ID photo with the selfie to ensure a match, adding an extra layer of security to the examination process.
  3. Documentation Review: If the exam requires any pre-test documentation, such as licenses or educational requirements, our Check-In Specialist will guide the test taker through the process of validating them.
  4. Environment Scan: A 360-degree scan of the testing environment will be requested, which includes a panoramic view of the room, workspace, and even below the desk. Our Check-In Specialists understand the importance of a comfortable setup and are only checking to ensure the testing environment is acceptable.
  5. Materials Check: If the exam permits reference materials, this will be the time to showcase them to the camera. Our Check-In Specialist will ensure everything aligns with the test sponsor’s guidelines.
  6. Final Verification: After confirming the test taker’s ears and wrists are free of devices, they are ready for the last stretch. Our Check-In Specialist will conclude the Admissions Process, and the testing session will continue under the guidance of our Online Proctoring team.

Your testing partner: Every step of the way

The check-in process is not just about security; it’s about creating an environment where test takers can perform their best. Should any technical issues arise, the PSI technical support team are available 24/7/365 to assist via phone and live chat.

PSI believes in excellence and continuous improvement, and understands the significance of a smooth testing experience. Our check-in process reflects our dedication to your certification testing program’s success. In a world where the testing industry is constantly evolving, PSI is here to ensure your test takers’ end–to-end testing experience is easy, trustworthy, and efficient while still maintaining integrity and security for your programs.

Experience the future of testing with PSI’s seamless check-in process and embark on a journey that empowers test takers to succeed. Learn more about our live online proctoring solution and check-in process here and discover more resources we have for your test takers here.