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Navigating Lifelong Learning: Insights and Innovations with Sae Schatz

Tried and Tested Podcast: Episode 6

April 26, 2024

tried and tested podcast

Navigating Lifelong Learning: Insights and Innovations with Sae Schatz

In this episode of Tried & Tested, we dive deep with Sae Schatz, a visionary in the field of lifelong learning. Sae discusses the transformative role of assessment in career progression, covers the concept of the “60-Year Curriculum” as a paradigm for ongoing professional education, and explains how “LearnOps” can seamlessly integrate learning into our daily lives. As the landscape of learning, work, and assessment evolves, Sae sheds light on the driving factors of this evolution and offers practical advice for individuals and organizations looking to thrive in these changing times.

Sae Schatz
Guest: Sae Schatz, PhD

Sae works at the intersection of cognition, technology, and data. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Peace Consortium, a multinational security cooperation program based at the George C. Marshall Center. She also pursues various independent projects, such as providing scholarly keynotes and authoring publications on topics ranging from learning science to emerging technologies. Most recently, she’s released a book called "Engines of Engagement: A Curious Book About Generative AI," and last year, she helped to produce the "Learning Engineering Toolkit."

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