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Trends in Credentialing: A CEO’s Perspective

Tried and Tested Podcast: Episode 4

February 16, 2024

tried and tested podcast

Trends in Credentialing: A CEO's Perspective

What’s the connection between shoes, champagne, and assessments? Listen to the latest Tried and Tested podcast from PSI to find out. Host Isabelle Gonthier is joined by Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI) CEO and Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Conference Program Chair, Melissa Nosik. The conversation covers, what it means to be a part of the credentialing industry, the upcoming ATP Innovations in Testing Conference and trending topics from balancing quantity and quality of test content to the importance of DE&I in testing – and everything in between. All delivered with high energy and invaluable industry insights.

melissa nosik
Guest, Melissa Nosik

Melissa R. Nosik, PhD, BCBA-D, ICE-CCP, SHRM-SCP is the Chief Executive Officer of the Competency & Credentialing Institute. Her professional interests include professional credentialing, non-profit association management, regulation, governance practices, and leadership training. Dr. Nosik has 25 years of experience practicing and overseeing organizations in healthcare. She has served as a board member and on the advisory boards of several nonprofit organizations at the national and state level and values giving her time back to the credentialing and assessment communities as a volunteer.

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