PSI Real Estate Licensing Exam Content Receives Re-Accreditation from ARELLO 

October 19, 2023

Olathe, KS – After a meticulous and thorough review process, PSI is pleased to announce the re-accreditation of its real estate licensing exam content by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). This reaffirmation marks a significant milestone in PSI’s commitment to providing high-quality testing solutions for the real estate industry.

Since its initial accreditation by ARELLO in 1993, PSI has consistently demonstrated excellence in test development. We are proud to be one of only two ARELLO accredited providers.

“PSI is honored to receive re-accreditation from ARELLO, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to excellence in real estate exam development”, says Alon Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Licensure at PSI. “This recognition underscores our dedication to upholding the highest industry standards, ensuring that our exams remain a trusted benchmark for real estate licensure nationwide.”

The recent review, conducted earlier this year, encompassed every facet of the exam content development process, including job analysis, test specification, item bank review, item development and updates, and standard setting. In March 2023, we submitted a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the process to the ARELLO exam accreditation committee, which involved a lead psychometrician and eight Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This rigorous process culminated in our re-accreditation in September 2023.

“The ARELLO accreditation is a rigorous process for good reason, our ARELLO reviewed and accredited exam development process ensures the delivery of valid and reliable content that remains pertinent in the ever-evolving real estate landscape”, says Andrea Dominiack, Senior Director, Test Development and Psychometrics, Licensure at PSI. “We are delighted to have received the re-accreditation after this exam update.”

PSI’s clients in the real estate licensure field derive immense assurance from the rigorous review process our national real estate exams undergo every five years for ARELLO re-accreditation. Currently, 70% of states that mandate ARELLO accredited real estate exams for their jurisdiction rely on PSI’s national real estate exams.

In addition to meeting the stringent requirements set forth by ARELLO for re-accreditation, PSI has introduced several innovations in real estate test publishing and delivery. This includes the republishing of exams with Linear On The Fly Testing (LOFT), enhancing test security by minimizing item exposure. Moreover, we have introduced an item type for the real estate Broker exam involving scenario exercises, setting us apart from other real estate exams on the market.

PSI’s exam content is supported by innovative test delivery methods that prioritize both test security and the test-taker experience, ensuring that real estate licensure continues to safeguard consumers while remaining accessible to all test takers.

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