HiSET® has a new home


HiSET® has a new home

Tanya Haug


HiSET is a High School Equivalency (HSE) test delivered by PSI. Access to the HiSET exam supports learners who have not been able to finish high school in the traditional manner. This might be for medical or financial reasons, or due to caring responsibilities.

On 3rd October 2022, HiSET is moving to a new admin system. The new system still does all the same things as the previous system and the impact on users will be minimal. It is just like driving a car. If you rent a vehicle the gear shift may be in a different place, or it has a push button start when you are used to a key, but the fundamental principles are the same.

This blog will take you through what is going to change, as well as what isn’t. This includes responses to frequently asked questions and signposting to further information should you need it.

What is not going to change

HiSET is still the same straightforward and simple to use HSE test for students. There are no new test preparation materials and practice tests remain the same. Equally, there are no changes to the fees involved. Prices will continue to vary from State to State but they will not change with the move to the new system.

Paper based testing is still available for those test takers who do not have access to a computer or who aren’t used to using technology. Continuing to offer paper tests is important to us. HiSET is an important event for a test taker and being forced to use a computer when you are not accustomed to it can have an impact on the result of your test.

If you or your students have any questions, the telephone support number is still the same – 1855 MY HISET.

What is going to change

Test takers who have started their HiSET journey and have completed one or more of the five HiSET sub-tests will notice a difference. They will need to login to the new system and create a new HiSET account. These test takers will have already received an email from us asking them to do this.

If your organization uses the existing system, you should have already been contacted by the PSI team. If not, please let us know, as there are a few simple steps you need to take to move to the new system. You can get in touch via the Contact Us section on the new HiSET website at www.hiset.org.

If you are working in a State Department for Education, Community College, Adult Education Program or Test Center that offers HiSET, you will need to log into the new system and create a new account. Launching a test is a simple process but the data and backend systems will look a little different.

Increase HSE opportunities

A key mission of HiSET is to increase opportunities to gain a HSE credential. This is particularly important for underserved groups previously unable to access a high school diploma, such as immigrants and new arrivals to the country. As well as individuals who did not thrive in a traditional educational setting.

For example, distance learning didn’t work for everyone during the pandemic. We launched flexible remote testing for HiSET during this time and saw an increase in the number of high school age students signing up as an alternative during chaotic times. Now that things are returning to the new normal, some students haven’t returned to high school. We also see HiSET as a great alternative for them.

Benefits of HiSET

We know that the individuals and organizations we work with to deliver HiSET really care about their students. Educators often have a huge influence on their students’ lives. You are their sponsor, cheerleader and source of encouragement and support.

You care about your students and we care about you. We believe that is what makes HiSET different to other HSE tests. We often go to see organizations interested in HiSET, including juvenile assistance programs and women & children’s centers, to share what we do and how we do it differently. If you would like us to visit your team please get in touch via the Contact Us section on the new HiSET website at www.hiset.org.

Support for all HSE students

Our mission is to improve access to HSE testing and increase testing volumes for the benefit of everyone involved – whether this is with HiSET or another credential. That is why we are excited that HiSET is part of the PSI family – an organization focused on workforce credentials with decades of experience and access to the latest technology.

HiSET is just the start of a student’s journey, and their path might lead them to further testing with PSI. Whether this is to gain a license in cosmetology, real estate or construction, or a certification in IT, finance or healthcare. The PSI team is here to guide test takers down their chosen path, to help them discover what’s out there, and meet their full potential.