Tests and exams have been used for thousands of years to uphold standards and measure the learning of students. And a proctor has often been involved to maintain the integrity of a test. Until recently, it was assumed the only way to truly safeguard the security of a test was with an in-person proctor. That view has changed.
With the potential stress that these high-stakes tests can create, the last thing a test taker wants is a cumbersome or confusing process. The experience should be smooth from preparation and initial sign-up through to receipt of final results. As a result of administering 1730 million tests annually, we’ve learned a lot here at PSI about test taker expectations and the importance of eliminating friction points.
An academic qualification means nothing without trust. There must be trust in the integrity of the course and the reputation of the school, college or university. As well as trust that any exams or tests used to validate learning are reliable and fair. Equally, students must trust an educational institution has their best interests at heart – offering an enjoyable and immersive educational experience, while always protecting student privacy and data security. 
Online proctoring has never been more important than when the pandemic made it the only option. Today, its purpose remains critical, but for targeted testing.
As industries adapt to the new world of work, certain states are beginning to offer multi-modal testing options for those seeking construction licenses.
When adding online proctoring to your offerings, how you promote its use and flexibility is important to ensure test takers understand all of its benefits.
As another year ends, take time to review your online proctoring practices to see how they can be improved for both your test takers and administrators.
You need to be asking the right questions before implementing online proctoring like does it involve a human proctor and how is AI utilized in the process?
Learn why you as the administrator must provide test takers with the most accurate test day preview. You candidates and your staff will thank you.
Learn about easy steps that you can take to ensure that you're doing everything you can to help test takers adjust to online proctoring.