PSI’s Mark Musacchio Shares Lessons Learned about Online Proctoring in 2020 in Education Technology

April 19, 2021

In an article for Education Technology published on April 16, Online Proctoring: A Viable Alternative for Lockdown Exams, Mark Musacchio, Senior Director at PSI, shares lessons we at PSI have learned about online proctoring during the pandemic.

After delivering an increase of 240% more online proctored exams in 2020 than in 2019, we’ve seen 70% of test takers opt for remote testing, and we’ve learned a lot from this shift. From tried and tested technology, to updating communication policies around testing, read the full article to hear our top recommendations for making this process smooth, effective, and secure.

Read the full article on Education Technology’s website: Online Proctoring: A Viable Alternative for Lockdown Exams

“We’ve learned that trust is vital. In an increasingly competitive and vocal online environment, adopting the latest technology to ensure exam security is not enough; the student experience before, during and after their online exam is just as crucial.”