PSI Content Science Leadership

October 17, 2022

For more than 75 years, Lifelong Learner Holdings (LLH) has empowered organizations to succeed through licensing, assessment, and certification of potential and existing employees. As the parent company to both PSI and Talogy, LLH is the company that shapes futures, weaving science and technology together, and changing lives through assessment.

John Weiner has over 40 years of service within LLH companies and our strong reputation for science, psychometrics and excellence in assessment content is in large part a result of John’s leadership. The positive reputation of both PSI and Talogy in this area really is a direct reflection of his own, as John is one of the most respected experts in our community.

Effective October 1st, John moved from a direct operational role at PSI to take up a strategic role at LLH. John will now focus on supporting science as the ‘golden thread’ binding both Talogy and PSI. He will relinquish all day-to-day operational responsibility at PSI to Isabelle Gonthier, who has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Content Science. In this role, Isabelle is expanding her leadership responsibilities to include all aspects of content development and management, psychometrics, data analytics and forensics, and research and development across the various global markets that PSI serves, including certification, licensure, and qualification assessments.

PSI continues to be committed to valid, reliable, and defensible assessments, leveraging Isabelle and her team’s talent, vision, and expertise to develop, deliver, and maintain the integrity of assessment programs we serve.