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PSI Test Centre Network

The assurance of test security with an exemplary test taker experience.

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Dreams deserve…

every opportunity to succeed in a secure and comfortable PSI Test Centre

The PSI Test Centre experience does justice to the work that your test takers have put in. After all, they have studied hard and the result could change their life. Every one of our certification centres is focused on protecting the integrity of your tests while delivering an outstanding test taker experience. With the ability to adapt and scale-up to your individual program needs.

Secure facilities and processes​

Our proctored testing centres deliver secure testing across multiple sectors and industries without compromising on test taker experience. PSI Test Centres maintain high standards for test security and administration. Facilities are adapted to suit program requirements – from the high-end testing experience expected of IT certification to the high-stakes secure testing demanded by government and healthcare.

Our customizable options include:

ID verification, active monitoring and frequent walk-throughs
highly trained professional proctors and administrators
regulated adherence to rigorous processes and procedures
Digital Video Recording (DVR) and test taker photos

Exemplary test taker experiences

Give your test takers every opportunity to succeed in a calm and secure testing environment. PSI Test Centres create the best possible first impression and show your commitment to quality throughout the testing online experience. Our proctored exam testing centres are conveniently located and configured for optimal concentration and minimal stress. Quality controlled, maintained to the highest standards and regularly sanitized for safety. 

Quality assured

virtual, onsite and secret shopper audits

Peace of mind

secure lockable storage, Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Accessibility & accommodations

tailored support based on individual needs

Empathy & understanding

trained staff on site to provide support

Test centre experience

Paramedic in ambulance

Tailored for your unique needs

Every testing program is different, with distinct security, budget and test taker experience needs. Our partnership approach is what makes PSI different. We listen to your requirements and work tirelessly to fulfil your needs. Including customization and expansion of our test centre network to fit your projected test taker numbers and geographical demand.