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Specialist support and PSI test prep resources

Taking a PSI computer based test (CBT)? Find your PSI test and prep here to help your test day go smoothly. Our program-specific support specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.

Find a PSI test

Use our simple search function to find your test/exam. Access test taker guides and the latest information on testing services, locations, fees and booking options for your chosen test.


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PSI test,PSI test support,PSI test resources,PSI test prep
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PSI test,PSI test support,PSI test resources,PSI test prep

Get specialist PSI test support

To provide you with the best support in the shortest time, we have a team of program specific support specialists on hand to help you.

Prepare for your test day

Get ready for your test day, whether in one of our Test Centre or at home with Online Proctoring, by watching the following videos that will help you understand the processes, steps and requirements you will need for your test.

Test Centre Testing Experience

Discover the complete process that you will journey through when visiting one of our Test Centres on your test day.

Online Proctoring Testing Experience

Explore our guide to a seamless online test day, understand all the steps, from system requirements to post-test steps.

Read more about your upcoming texting experience and the requirements and preparations tips for both Online Proctoring testing and Test Centre testing in our quick Test Taker Experience Guide here.

Your dreams are worth the effort

You’ve worked hard to study for your test. By taking some simple steps to prepare, you can shine on the day. Access all the PSI test resources you need to ensure your test day is as stress-free as possible.

PSI test,PSI test support,PSI test resources,PSI test prep

Realize your potential with the right support tools

Shop the PSI Online Store for test prep to help you build your confidence and reach your full potential on test day.

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