Webinar: Putting The User At The Center Of The Online Proctoring Experience


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While online proctoring can offer the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, is it helping a student successfully demonstrate what they know? Is it making the administrator's job more efficient?

At the center of each of these questions is user experience. It’s important, but often the most overlooked aspect of online proctoring.

The roots of online proctoring issues aren’t necessarily the technology, but with the behind-the-scenes processes, like implementation, integration and training. Getting ahead of these challenges has the potential to improve not only the test-taking experience–but can potentially increase student performance and satisfaction.

In this webinar, learn about the surprising insights and innovations that can create the ideal online proctoring environment that enables institutions to better serve educators and students.

Presented by Mark Musacchio

Senior Director of Sales, PSI Education and Allison Sands, Product Marketing Director.