Webinar: Test efficacy depends on your entire assessment ecosystem - no weak links


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About the webinar

In this webinar PSI and NAHQ will explore the concept of assessment as an ecosystem. All too often people over focus on the delivery element of testing, but in fact it is only a part of what ensures the credibility and reliability of the tests that you deliver to your test taker. Guaranteeing that your assessment program measures what it was set out to measure relies on multiple facets and the programs that address all of these prove to be the most successful.

Here, we cover what areas must be considered for reliable testing across the ecosystem, including:

  • How to design a test you can trust – what is needed to perform a job or achieve a required standard
  • How a rigorous test development process is essential to delivering high quality test content, with regular reviews to maintain standards
  • Ensuring access to testing through delivery and not just focussing on the tech
  • Test security measures including data forensics to ensure test validity
  • Test taker communication and preparation.


Frank Perna, Director of Certification, National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ)

Isabelle Gonthier, Chief Assessment Officer, PSI

Eunice McAllister, Client Success Director, Credentialing, PSI