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Breaking barriers in testing

Tried and Tested Podcast: Episode 1

October 24, 2023

tried and tested podcast

Breaking barriers in testing​

Welcome to the inaugural episode of PSI’s Tried and Tested Podcast, hosted by Isabelle Gonthier! Joined in this episode by PSI President, Janet Garcia, listen in to hear why we we’ve decided to launch this podcast and why we think it is important to the testing community. You’ll also get a glimpse into the back stories of Janet and Isabelle, exploring how they entered the testing industry and why they are so passionate about it.

janet garcia PSI
Guest, Janet Garcia

Janet Garcia is the President of PSI Services. She joined PSI in November of 2017 and is a business leader with a strong track record of growing businesses within education and learning technology markets. Based in London, she is responsible for the growth of PSI’s global Credentialing business through a combination of strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

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