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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tried and Tested Podcast: Episode 2

November 27, 2023

tried and tested podcast

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this episode our host and PSI Chief Assessment Officer, Isabelle Gonthier, is joined by two passionate advocates for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in testing. Listen to Steve Dept, Founder of Capstan, Shebbra Toussaint, Senior Director of Client Services at PSI, and Isabelle discuss the importance of DEI in testing, where things can go wrong, and steps we can all take towards more inclusive testing.

shebbra toussaint headshot
Guest, Shebbra Toussaint

Shebbra Toussaint, Senior Director of Client Services, is responsible for the leadership of our diverse global team of Client Services Specialists, Managers, and Directors. With over 25 years in the testing industry, she has experience from a vendor, client, and test taker perspective, allowing her a more profound perspective that adds value to client relationships. As a client advocate, Shebbra is responsible for delivering on all service-level agreements and providing progress updates to clients regarding requests. Under Shebbra’s leadership, Client Services strives to provide exceptional support to clients and their constituencies by being responsive and knowledgeable while managing the day-to-day details of their programs.

steve dept headshot
Guest, Steve Dept

Steve is one of cApStAn's founders. He received his education in English, Dutch, French and German but he is essentially an autodidact and a field practitioner. In 1998, Steve was sought out to organize the translation verification of PISA 2000 instruments and, since cApStAn’s creation in 2000, Steve has supervised linguistic quality assurance in PISA and in over 35 international surveys and polls. His translatability assessment methodology is applied in small and large multilingual projects in both the private and the public sector. Steve is the driving force behind cApStAn's adaptive strategy.

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