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Navigating Change in High-Stakes Testing with the FAA

Tried and Tested Podcast: Episode 5

March 27, 2024

tried and tested podcast

Navigating Change in High-Stakes Testing with the FAA

Join us for Episode 5 of the Tried and Tested podcast with Ryan Smith from the FAA, host Isabelle Gonthier and Sean Gasperson, Director of Psychometrics. This expert panel delves into the critical role of modernization within federal testing programs, exploring the challenges and necessities of change to ensure their enduring relevance and effectiveness. Recorded live at this year’s Innovations in Testing Conference in Anaheim, California, the episode not only shares key highlights from the conference but also provides invaluable insights into managing and evolving high-stakes testing environments. Don’t miss these perspectives from the forefront of testing innovation

Guest, Ryan Smith

Federal Aviation Administration

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