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Welcome Arizona State University Faculty!

What is RPNow?

RPNow is an on-demand service for proctoring online exams in your LMS.

How-To Videos

Learn how to integrate RPNow with your LMS with step-by-step instructions.

User Guides

Get started setting up RPNow with these helpful guides, tools and templates.

The RPNow Process

1. Create & Register Exam

First, set up your exam in Blackboard or Canvas as you would normally – with these two RPNow requirements: Set an exam password, and then set up “Start” and “End” dates. Next, register your exam based on your customer exam rule profile using the RPNow LTI app. Exam profile rules will govern the level of security for your assessment.

2. Student Takes Exam

Student verifies their identity and takes their proctored exam through their LMS.

3. Proctor Review

Students’ exam records are reviewed remotely by RPNow PSI Services LLC Proctors. You can expect delivery of the reports in two business days.

4. Report Delivery

Results of RPNow exam reviews are delivered directly into the RPNow application. Faculty can view these reports by logging into Blackboard or Canvas and launching the RPNow application. Records can be displayed by exam, student or whichever you prefer. Only *suspicious* records will be displayed by default. This view can be modified by changing the selection in the dropdown list.

How-To Videos

Are you an RPNow user looking for help setting up exams in your LMS? Check out our how-to videos that will step you through the process. From registering exams in RPNow – to creating exam rule profiles, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do!

Register Exams in RPNow in your LMS

Learn how to register an exam in 3 minutes. This video will show you how to register an exam with RPNow from within your Learning Management System using the RPNow LTI application.

exam registration
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How to View Integrity Reports

In this 3 minute video, we’ll show you how you can view integrity reports using the ‘Review Results’ option available in the RPNow LTI app in your Learning Management System.

rpnow reports
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Create and Set Up Exam Rule Profiles

This 2.5 minute video will show you how to create and use Exam Rule Profiles in the RPNow LTI app in your Learning Management System.

exam setup
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How to Use RPNow: Canvas Student Perspective

This instructional video will show you how RPNow works from the students’ perspective in Canvas.

asu canvas
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User Guides

This collection of guides and datasheets contains all the information you need to get up and running quickly with RPNow. Included is information pertaining to RPNow exam setup, exam policy, faculty and student guides and communications.

RPNow Faculty Guide

This guide takes instructors through the process of registering an online exam in RPnow.

RPNow Student Quick Guide

This guide will give student end users a quick overview of the exam process using the RPNow system.

RPNow Student Full Guide

This guide will walk student end users through entire exam process screenshot by screenshot using the RPNow system.

Exam Policy Review Definitions

Guide explains the typical comments that are used after reviewing exam records. Note: NOT for student use!