Test content and outcomes that are valid, reliable and fair.

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the assurance of a test result backed by scientific precision and expertise

Accurate test outcomes matter – for your testing program and your test takers. Developing accurate and valid test items and building well-constructed test forms is essential. Our psychometricians use a rigorous process to ensure we understand exactly what needs to be tested and how. From job analysis and defining a body of knowledge to item writing, test assembly and evaluation. At PSI, our experts leverage the science and methodology behind psychometrics, for tests you can rely on.

A rigorous process – led by experts

We are academic, data driven and focused on best practice in psychometrics and computer based test development. Our team has hundreds of hours of collective expertise and our tests are built on science and leveraging best practice. Whether you need psychometrics support at any – or every state – of the exam development process. From job analysis, creating an item bank and support with item writing, to Subject Matter Expert (SME) engagement, statistical analysis and test review.

Accurate outcomes

Legally defensible

Consistent over time

Equivalent test forms

High quality test items

Diverse content and coverage

Test integrity and security

Psychometrics and a rigorous approach to the test development process is vital to protect test security. You need to have sufficient items in your item bank to safeguard test content. That’s where our psychometricians come in. Supporting you to develop enough items to build more forms and minimize concerns related to overexposure of your content. While continuously monitoring test performance to make sure your content has not been exposed or leaked.
test security

Tests built on partnership

Our team of talented psychometricians collaborate with clients and industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from day one. Providing knowledgeable guidance and advice on a daily basis. Many of our clients tell us that’s a big reason they love working with us. And our psychometricians aren’t just brilliant, they’re also accessible. We don’t hide our technical experts away. We’re here to help demystify psychometric concepts and processes. It’s part of the PSI culture.

Harness your content knowledge
Access our expertise across sectors
SME recruitment and engagement
Virtual SME facilitation experts

Keep pace with change

Your test items have a shelf life, affected by changes in what you are assessing. Regular reviews ensure your test content remains current, meeting the needs of your market and your test takers. Test design has also changed in recent years. Our psychometricians are at the forefront of these developments, ensuring you harness the potential of the latest technologies and innovations. To deliver the best possible test taker experience combined with test integrity and security.

test program evolution

Support program evolution and growth

You need to understand how your CBT tests are performing if you want your programs to thrive and grow. We offer expert advice based on statistical analysis and decades of experience to help you uncover opportunities for growth – whether it’s an innovative stackable credential or new programs for different experience levels. Supporting your program to evolve while always maintaining test reliability and validity.

Success stories

linux customer success
psi testimonials

"We wanted a partner who can deliver exams anywhere, anytime without someone having to go to a physical testing center. The gap in the market was ‘access’ and PSI was committed to delivering exams in real time, online."

Clyde Seepersad

General Manager of Training & Certification, The Linux Foundation
abrsm psi partnership
psi testimonials

"This is an ongoing partnership with PSI which will evolve and improve as we each learn more about our respective markets and skill sets. We are looking to move more of our exams to an anytime, anywhere model. This allows us to continue to put the learner, irrespective of their age, at the center of our plans."

Helen Coleman

Chief Operating Officer, ABRSM
isaca success story
psi testimonials

"I have tremendously enjoyed working with PSI. They have been a very responsive partner, always working to improve the customer experience, innovating at every step. I continue to be impressed by how responsive they are to client needs."


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