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Important Notice: COVID-19

Important Notice: Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Effective May 15, 2022

Please Note: As jurisdictions adopt less rigorous COVID-19 policies, PSI will continue to monitor the latest developments based on various international, state, local orders and recommendations from the CDC.

Individuals not in compliance with this policy will not be allowed to sit for their scheduled appointment.

This is in accordance with PSI’s company policy and state and local mandates.

PSI is continuing to monitor the latest developments associated with the global spread of Coronavirus – COVID-19. Since the outbreak began, we have strictly adhered to the latest safety procedures based on various international, state, and local Orders and guidelines and CDC recommendations.

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our customers, our teams, and the global community who relies on PSI’s solutions and services. Our goal is always to provide our partners, who entrust us with the delivery of their certification and licensure programs, the most accessible and appropriate testing options to support the health of the individuals we serve.

The following information represents the latest updates on the reopening of PSI’s owned and operated testing sites as of this review:

Test taker self-service and support

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, are positive for COVID-19 or have been in recent contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19; contact PSI to discuss what options may be available regarding your appointment by emailing [email protected]‍‍ or by phone.

Test center safety

Test taker precautions

  • You have the option of wearing a facemask or not. If you choose to wear a facemask, bring your own to the test site.
  • You may wear gloves during the duration of your test. Gloves will be examined during the check-in and check-out security process.
  • You are required to discard facemasks and gloves outside of the PSI test site in a safe and sanitary manner.

Employee precautions

  • Test center employees have the option of wearing a facemask or not.
  • Test center employees are provided facemasks, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial wipes. Please note, facemasks provided by the test sites are for PSI employees only.
  • To create a safe distance around Test Center Administrators and in lobby areas, test takers may be asked to wait outside of the building for a brief period during check in.

Test center procedures

  • Testing equipment will be wiped down thoroughly with antibacterial wipes.
  • High-touch areas, including but not limited to keyboards, desktops, chair handles, check-in stations, door handles, and writing instruments are sanitized after each use.

View our FAQ document‍‍ related to operations due to COVID-19 impact.