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Idaho DOI

Seamless Testing Experience Built by PSI Earns Huge Kudos from Idaho Department of Insurance


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PSI client success stories

The Challenge

The Idaho Department of Insurance needed a trustworthy licensing solutions provider with a focus on customer service.​

Against a backdrop of dissatisfaction with customer service and plagued by Test Center issues, Idaho Department of Insurance appointed PSI as a new vendor in 2014 to turn things around. Candidate complaints about key Test Centers were on the rise, remote Idahoans had no way to access fingerprinting services, and with the previous vendor sticking to their convention of owning the state portion of the exam, PSI was chosen to re-create 11 exams and improve overall candidate services.

The Outcome

An efficient and seamless exam experience for test takers is testament to the technology and expert teams at PSI and when it comes to that killer question of ‘would you recommend PSI to others?,’ Lisa T., Licensing Supervisor, is unequivocal. “Absolutely, I would recommend PSI for their customer service, for their responsiveness, and for the quality of the people that we work with at PSI. And their transparency. All of which are rare qualities for this kind of a service.”

What do Idaho Department of Insurance and PSI have in common?

We both strive to be the best at what we do – and to be true partners to deliver great licensing services to test takers in Idaho.

Idaho Department of Insurance with Lisa was awarded Regulator of the Year by the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) in 2017 and Lisa was also elected as a regulatory advisor on the SILA Board of Directors. Lisa is a proud advocate of PSI and our partnership way of working, saying, “I thank you for making my work-life a thousand times better by always handling matters promptly and seamlessly. I couldn’t ask for a better vendor experience.”

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So how did we make Lisa’s work-life better?

“I think [PSI’s] transparency and their problem-solving track record is also critical to their success in this field, and that has taken a lot of work off my plate and made our candidates a lot happier.”

The Solution

Test Development Awesomeness

Reflecting on the test development program PSI delivered to re-create the state exams, Lisa says, “the PSI exam team was tremendous. Their ability to organize and provide the necessary materials was deeply appreciated.” Lisa was particularly appreciative of the on-time delivery for implementation of the services saying, “My deep appreciation to PSI for keeping this endeavor coordinated and keeping me informed during the entire process. It is wonderful to work through a challenge like this with such transparency and support from a vendor. Kudos for that!”

In addition to unparalleled test development services, there were a number of other workstreams put in place to launch the Idaho DOI program successfully. With PSI not having a previous presence in Idaho, Test Center locations had to be scouted, alongside proctor recruitment and training. Lisa was keen to see improvements in Test Center administration so a new Test Center was opened in Twin Falls to provide extra facilities near population centers, all of which Lisa comments was “an incredibly smooth transition.”

Outstanding Customer Service in Testing Administration

Idaho Department of Insurance is particularly pleased with PSI’s willingness to be flexible and really listen to any issues and work through them. Flexibility was paramount when it came to transitioning to all-digital fingerprinting. This helped those in rural areas of the state by providing an option to use a fingerprint packet in order to avoid travel to a Test Center.

In another example of customer service excellence, Lisa calls out a time when PSI went over and above to research exam content to see why people were failing a particular exam at a higher rate, then made the necessary adjustments to improve exam scores. In keeping with the need for exam integrity, PSI was quick to inform Idaho Department of Insurance of a cheating incident and provided all proof so that the state could process a denial of the applicant’s license for demonstrating untrustworthiness. “Their responsiveness is really key, and that’s something that I think is unique to PSI.”

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