Test security and test taker experience for your finance certification 


Test security and test taker experience for your finance certification 


Finance is an industry that is currently undergoing significant shifts and challenges such as political change, regulatory change, digitalization, artificial intelligence, market volatility and new professionals joining the market.

In this environment, finance certification programs need to stand out from the crowd – amongst test takers and employers. Two key areas will support you to do this:

  1. Rigorous test development and delivery: that meets all test security requirements and protects the integrity and credibility of your certification.
  2. An exceptional test taker experience: that boosts the reputation of your certification, extends your reach, and reduces the administrative burden on your team.

To be successful in both areas you need fully secure testing – that also offers flexibility, convenience and a consistent experience for all your test takers.

Top 4 trends in finance certification

  1. Specialist Certifications: for professionals seeking expertise in emerging areas such as sustainability, fintech, and data analytics.
  2. Blended Learning and Flexible Assessments: that combine online and in-person learning, supported by convenient computer-based testing options
  3. Emphasis on ethics and professional conduct: with modules and assessments to ensure professionals uphold high standards
  4. Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning: for finance professionals to stay current with industry developments and regulations.

Rigorous test development and test delivery

A partnership of industry experts, working alongside a team of experienced psychometricians and test developers, is the best practice way to develop high-quality test content. Supported by secure technology and processes for item writing, review, storage and data transfer throughout the process.

This alliance of subject matter experts with testing expertise, using the latest technology and rigorous processes, offers the assurance of legally defensible test content that reliably attests to the competence of your test takers. At the same time, following best practice is likely to uncover opportunities for specialist certifications and micro-credentials in emerging topics that will extend your market.

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Deliver secure testing for reliable results

Computer-based testing with secure transfer of test items and test forms protects the integrity of your tests. Options for secure test delivery include:

  1. Remote testing using secure online proctoring, with highly trained human proctors supported by the latest technology.
  2. In-person testing at secure, audited test centers that provide a consistent experience across a national and global network.
  3. Multi-modal testing that gives your test takers choice and delivers a comparable experience regardless of modality.

Enhance test security

Reinforce your secure test development and test delivery strategies with the tightest possible data security, handling and integrations at every step. This might include:

  • ID verification – Multi-step identity checks with multiple layers of ID verification.
  • Trained proctors – Malpractice is reduced if a high stakes test is proctored.
  • Data privacy – Secure collection, storage, and transfer of data.
  • Secure test content – Change content regularly, vary items or generate random forms

Data forensics will further enhance the security of your tests. This uses statistical detection methods to help recognize anomalies in testing data that are consistent with fraudulent testing behavior. Those anomalies can then be investigated, for example for further evidence of proxy testing or collusion.

A web monitoring component adds another layer of security by monitoring the internet for proprietary test content that is offered for sale or shared on social media.

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Exceptional test taker experiences

A test taker journey map will help you understand the testing experience from the test taker perspective. And then make enhancements and improvements at every possible stage.

  • For example, offering straightforward registration and test booking, including the ability to request accommodations.
  • Or finding the most beneficial timing and tools to provide test preparation materials and practice tests during the test taker journey

Pro tip: While supporting your test takers to succeed, test preparation materials and practice tests are also a revenue raising opportunity for your organization.

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Evolve your finance certification program

Are there ways you could enhance or improve how you deliver tests? For example, moving from in-person testing to remote or multi-modal testing. Or transitioning from paper to computer-based testing.

It’s a good idea to do some market research and discover:

  • What do potential test takers and employers want and need from finance certification testing?
  • What do regulators expect from finance certification testing?
  • Are there gaps in the market you could fill? Either in terms of new and emerging topics for test content, or an opportunity to provide more accessible and convenient testing?

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